About Lauren


Just turned 30. Wife of five years. Cat mom to two. Frisco, TX resident. Graduate of Texas Tech University. Loves to be in the kitchen or hosting a party. Always errs on the side of being overdressed. Red wine drinker. Yogi. Engineer. Loves to make people laugh. Admirer of Vincent Van Gogh. Loves hot baths. Patron of boutique home goods stores and independent nurseries. Lover of all things spa - massages, facials, relaxation, and pampering. Introverted and outgoing. Loves mint chocolate chip ice cream. Drinks coffee with lots of milk. Storyteller. Gardening is therapy. Pilates/Barre is therapy. Loves late nights looking at stars and quiet early mornings drinking coffee. Loves game nights, magazines, time with friends, house plants, music, movies, photography, fresh flowers, travel. Amsterdam is next... bucket list includes Spain, Argentina, Ireland, Budapest, Australia/New Zealand, to name a few. Optimist.